World War III

How To Prepare For Cyber War


2016-12-17 08:24







Obama has promised retaliation for Russia's unproven involvement in the hacking of DNC emails. Behind the scenes there is already a cyber war going on, and all it will take is one side to really hammer the other and all hell could break lose. Our electrical grid could be shut down, our banks paralyzed and a whole lot more.

If you don't think this is serious business you should have been with me less than a month ago when I went to our local pharmacy to pick up a prescription. The pharmacy's computers were broke down and they could not fill anyone's orders. It was not a problem for me, but some of the elders standing in line had very worried looks. Just imagine what will happen if our networks are hacked and shut down. No food, no medicine, no fuel, no electricity. It would be very ugly, very quick. Get prepared without becoming parinoid. You will have peace that you have done what you could to protect your loved ones and yourself. There will be no beauty in an unprepared life. 

PREPPER TIP: White rice will store for many years (up to 20) if kept cool and dry.